Obama Gives Profound Statement On Guns, Right-Wingers Respond With #GlockABook Hashtag

President Obama gave a powerful speech today at the memorial service for the five police officers who lost their lives in the horrific ambush on law enforcement that took place last Thursday in Dallas, Texas. Unfortunately, but not at all unexpectedly, most of his moving words were lost on conservatives.

The president dropped some major truth bombs on race in America and followed up with a discussion of the choices that we “as a society” make which bring us to the place we find ourselves today.

Right-wingers began to lose their minds the moment it became clear that Obama was going to have anything more to say than simply offering the worthless thoughts and prayers conservatives are so fond of. When he mentioned guns, it pushed them over the edge and they launched the #GlockABook hashtag to mock the president’s spot on words.

— Redheaded Mischief (@Mischief2You) July 13, 2016

Just how many people have to die before these folks start to realize that maybe, just maybe, we have a problem with guns here in America? Although deep down I knew better, part of me thought that this could be the straw that broke the gun-loving camel’s back and woke Republicans up terrifying reality facing our country. But, I have thought that every time a mass shooting happens, and every time the only thing right-wingers have to say is “Don’t take my guns!” It’s disgusting and it is downright sad.

This post originally appeared on AddictingInfo.org.

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