Muslim Woman Who Turned In Paris Terrorist Shares Important Thought With The World

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the planner of the terrorist attacks that hit Paris on November 13, 2015, was killed after a raid led by French authorities who stormed an apartment in the town of Saint-Denis. It has now been revealed that police found Abaaoud in part thanks to information given to them by a Muslim woman.

She has now revealed her faith because she wants the world to know the following:

Too often after terrorist incidents, people – particularly conservatives – act as if Islam is the only faith that extremists use as justification for mass murder, ignoring the history of other faiths (including Christianity) being perverted.

When terrorists have hit America the hardest, their attacks did not discriminate by faith. In fact, one estimate says that 32 Muslims were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Ironically, even though his administration declared war on Iraq, it was President George W. Bush who often went to great lengths to point out there was a distinction between those who practice peaceful Islam, and the terrorist hijackers. And that sentiment has continued with President Obama, who pointed out that when discussing Americans and those with Islamic faith, it’s “not them or us, it’s just us.”

This woman’s example shows that blanket condemnations of Muslims, as agitators like Donald Trump have engaged in, are backwards and just flat-out incorrect.

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Muslim Paris Attacks

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