Mitt Romney Endorses Ted Cruz To Defeat “Trumpism”

On Friday afternoon, failed 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he will be voting for Ted Cruz during the Utah caucus on Tuesday in a last ditch effort to defeat “Trumpism.”

Romney has come out strongly in recent weeks against current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, attempting to remove his lead and instill instability in his campaign. Romney has tried to portray Trump as untrustworthy and Romney was the first to call on the real estate mogul to release his tax records. By all accounts, Romney’s condemnation of Trump had absolutely no effect.

Romney made the announcement about his reluctant endorsement of Cruz on his Facebook page, saying that while he likes Kasich as well, a vote for the man would only further contribute to “Trumpism,” which he feels is in a battle with Republicanism. Romney also says that he is “repulsed” by everything that Trump stands for. Strong words.

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