Laverne Cox Tears Trans Hate To SHREDS In Passionate Post After Edited Fox News Interview

It’s become quite clear that as much as Fox News wants to make the appearance of being honest and inclusive, it’s very much on the surface, so don’t believe everything you see.

Recently on Fox News, Megyn Kelly interviewed Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox. The pair discussed Cox being transgender with topics surrounding growing up, transitioning, as well as her love life. However, many were left scratching their heads that talk about North Carolina’s discriminatory law, HB2, better known as the ‘bathroom bill,’ wasn’t discussed.

Here’s the thing — it was. It was just edited out.

Well, Media Matters has the edited dialogue and created a meme that Cox passionately posted on her Twitter account to make sure that people know she did, in fact, discuss the horrendous bill. Not only did she discuss it, she tore it to shreds with the truth.

First, after being questioned why she didn’t discuss the bill, she said:

Then later, she posted what was said:


So, as Fox News wants to pretend like this discrimination doesn’t exist by cutting out Cox’s very passionate plea to recognize that she’s a human being and should be treated as such out of her aired interview, she’s making sure it’s told anyway.

Good on you, Laverne!

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