Demi Lovato Takes A Stand For Trans Rights At #BBMAS And It Is GLORIOUS

Musicians tend to be very left leaning. Unless they’re Ted Nugent, usually rock stars stand up for LGBT equality and other civil rights causes. That is just what superstar singer Demi Lovato did Sunday Night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Awards are a very important musical event each year, and it’s a great place to make a statement.

Lovato took the stage to do her performance, and she wore a mesh top with pro-transgender bathroom symbol on it as part of her concert ensemble. She didn’t have to say a word; that top showed the thousands of people in that audience and the millions of people at home where she stands on the issue of transgender rights. The It Gets Better project tweeted a photo of Lovato as she sang at the awards show:

This is an amazing gesture. Some stars don’t want to get political, especially when it comes to culture wars, but sometimes it is important to use one’s influence to speak out for vulnerable people, and to promote what’s right. That is what Demi Lovato and brave stars like her are doing. They are well aware that they may lose fans who disagree with their stance, but they do it anyway because they want to use their public platform for good.

Thank you, Demi Lovato! You are a class act.

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Demi Lovato Trans Rights

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