Frequently Asked Questions About Free Speech TV

Is FSTV available on DIRECTV?
FSTV is on DIRECTV Channel 348.

I can't get FSTV on my DIRECTV package. What gives?
FSTV is on DIRECTV's digital satellite, so you might need to upgrade to the digital package in order to get FSTV. Check with DIRECTTV to make sure you're set up for Free Speech TV, 

Is FSTV available on DISH?

FSTV is on DISH Channel 9415.

Can I get FSTV on cable?

FSTV is available on a number of cable affiliates. For a full list and more information, check our Affliliates page, where they are listed alphabetically by state. If you don’t get FSTV on your Comcast affiliate, please call or write and tell Comcast you want FSTV.

Can I get FSTV on the Web?
FSTV streams its live TV broadcast 24/7 through a specially designed player on the Website homepage at It also offers many of its programs and video clips as on-demand archives available on YouTube  and on its website at

Is FSTV available on my Roku box?

FSTV is available in the Roku channel store and offers both a 24/7 linear stream as well as featured videos on demand. More information can be found at You can also download FSTV's apps on Amazon Fire and Google Nexus. 

Does FSTV have pages on Facebook & Twitter?

Yes! FSTV can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Can I access FSTV on my smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices?
FSTV is available in compatible formats for tablets at and mobile phones at These custom websites feature compatible linear streams as well as all of the text features of the full website.

I want more information about closed-captioning and subtitles?  Free Speech TV does not currently provide closed-captioning or subtitles. We do not have the budget, but we are looking to provide those services in the near future for our hearing impaired viewers.

Tell me more about your top shows?

  • Democracy Now! is a five-day-a-week, award-winning news program hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. 
  • The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann, hosted by Thom Hartmann, offers news and commentary five days a week and is produced by Russian TV. 
  • The Stephanie Miller Show is a news talk program that uses humor to make its points and is an antidote to cantankerous conservatives.
  • GayUSA, hosted by Ann Northrop and Andy Humm. is a weekly news program from Brooklyn, NY, about LGBT and gay issues around the nation and the world.
  • The David Pakman Show is a pregressive news and talk show originating in New York City hosted by Davdi Pakman.
  • The Bill Press Show  is a daily, progressive talk-news program hosted by Press, a former head of the California Democratic Party.

Where can I find your TV schedule?
The FSTV schedule is available online at

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