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Mailing Address:

Free Speech TVPO Box 44099Denver CO 80201General Phone Number:303.442.8445Executive:

Ron Williams, Executive Director

303.442.8445 ext. 131

ron (at)

Jon Stout, Chief of Staff & Co-Founder303.442.8445 ext. 117jon (at)

Nina Moore, General Manager

Yolanda Williams, Controller

Valerie Appelbaum,  Development Director

Richie Sugar, Individual Giving Officer

Marie Medina, Administrative Assistant

Alexander Maness, Director of Broadcast Media

Teo Lucero, Program Coordinator

Emma Lubitsch, Acquisitions Coordinator

Antoinette June, Web Director

Devin Moroney, Digital Content Producer

devin (at)

Marcus Flowers, Digital Content Producer303.442.8445 Marcus (at) freespeech.orgOperations:

Nathanael Reeder, Operations Director

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