'The Tiger Hunter' Takes On Immigrants' American Dream

GUEST: Danny Pudi, lead actor playing Sami Malik in The Tiger Hunter, best known for his role as Abed in Community.

BACKGROUND: In the age of Donald Trump the idea of who belongs in the US and who doesn't has become an increasingly political question. A new feature film tells the story of a young Indian man coming to the US in the 1970s as an engineer looking for work and pursuing his American Dream. It is a typical tale and yet worth recounting.

The Tiger Hunter, directed by Lena Khan, features at its center, Sami Malik, played by Danny Pudi, best known for his role as Abed in the TV show, Community.

Malik tries hard to live up to his father, the Tiger Hunter's reputation, by searching for success and wooing the girl of his dreams. But the American immigration system, and our class and racial hierarchy thwart his repeated attempts. The Tiger Hunter is in theaters now.

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