Gay USA 5/11/16 - Free Speech TV

A titanic legal battle between North Carolina and the US Justice Department is on.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch makes an impassioned speech for the rights of transgender Americans. We will bring you a lot of what she said.

Mississippi is sued over its “religious freedom” law and its law letting state officials recuse themselves from anything to do with same-sex marriages.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended again, this time for anti-LGBT bigotry.

A Catholic school in Massachusetts settles the discrimination suit with a gay man who was denied a position because he was married to a man.

An Idaho gay man is brutally murdered by four men who lured him through an online escort ad.

An Arkansas judge resigns over his abuse of power, sexually harassing thousands of young men who came before him as defendants.

The Stonewall National Park moves one step closer to becoming a reality this year.

A transwoman is elected to parliament in the Philippines and Ireland has its first out lesbian cabinet minister.

A comedian in New Zealand with a familiar last name comes out to his parents—during his stand-up act!

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