What Our Viewers Are Saying

FSTV is the source. I'm grateful for the access these last four months. - Philadelphia, PA.
Thank You All for starting a TV station that has informative and interesting views... you speak for many people. - Carolyn Ruckman/Facebook
Want your News NOT corporate driven...This is the place! - Rick Surbaugh/Facebook
The only real news in America. Excellent source for the truth. - Robert Stephensen/Facebook
Love Thom Hartmann's show!! I listen every day. And the rebroadcast at 3 ro 6am. - Tony Cisco/Facebook
I love the Mix. This is what media should be. Professionalism. - Kevin Allen/Facebook
Thanks for being phenomenal!! - Catherine Cocco/Facebook
Thank you for the invaluable information that you provide. Your leadership and dedication are exceptional! - V. Mayer/ Viewer Mail 
Real news from journalists, love the complete reporting free from corporate influence... - C. Brehmer/ Facebook 
We value the independent, not for profit perspective of news programs like Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann. Thank you for your heroic work. - The Hernandez Farm/ Viewer Mail 
Funded by the People, for the People. A gateway to Truth, a space for Empathy, a nourishing soil in which Love can take root... 
Okay, that's a little over the top, but dammit, FSTV truly is what television was supposed to be: a means to keep plutocrats in check while allowing the seeds of democracy to flourish. Love you guys! - J. Wojtak/ Facebook 
Your programs are an "oasis in the desert" for me who has continually believed in the progressive tradition. - E. Hoffmastes/ Viewer Mail 
Thank you for all the programming you provide (and repeat), especially since so much of it is not avilable elsewhere and is IMPORTANT! If more people saw it /knew about it, maybe the world would be a better place to live... - K. Houston/ Viewer Mail 
I love free speech tv. The programming goes into topics that corporate media can't. - K. Perez/ Facebook 
So glad I found Free Speech TV, finally I can get the news! Thank you and keep up the outstanding work! - B. Fish/ Facebook 
#FreeSpeechTV (FSTV) is an independent, 24-hour television network and digital progressive news source - E. Asnre/ Twitter 
Wow! I'm not used to seeing factual journalism on television. What a breath of fresh air! It tears apart both Republican and Democrat rhetoric. - S. Parducci/ Facebook 
This (I AM) was an outstanding documentary, just watched it on Free Speech TV. It was amazing the interconnectedness we all posses, and the evaluations given in this production are all very insightful. - T. Altman/Facebook

I just love the KAREL show! I have listened to him,since he and his hubby was on KFI radio in LA,back in the 90's! Have my DVR ready! - C. Craver/Facebook

So glad to have discovered fstv this yr. and to help you out! Thanks for all you do! Fight on!! - C. Koch/Facebook

Here's something novel to watch. No I'm not talking about corporates mainstream media circus! I'm talking about 100% independent news media, supported by us, the viewers; No corporate or Billionaire money- no advertisers. - M. Kapec/Facebook

I am a consistent viewer of Free Speech TV (FSTV). I get it on Dish Network, though it is also available on Direct TV in Arizona. Also, it can be watched online at www.freespeech.org. My favorite shows are theThom Hartmann show and Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. I record them so I don't miss them. Great material! There are also many more thought-provoking, informative shows. I highly recommend FSTV! - E. Cloud/Facebook

I just signed-up as a monthly donor to Free Speech TV...money well spent...thank you for being there! - K. Johnson/Facebook

I just want to shout out a big thank-you on behalf of ISIS to ‪#‎MSNBC‬ for amplifying the hostage situation in Australia and giving the kidnapper an international voice by making the story the ONLY story this morning, thereby encouraging even more deranged individuals to pull off similar dangerous stunts. Our media is a disaster. Thank goodness for Free Speech TV! While Morning Joke was droning on about ISIS and giving them all that free publicity, FSTV was covering the Lima Climate Conference, Veteran Suicide Crisis, and the "Justice for All" "Millions March" in NYC and other major cities. By the way, Free Speech TV is actual viewer-supported TV and they're doing a fund drive at the moment, so if you can afford to toss them $10 or more, please do! https://www.freespeech.org/join-fstv. - T. Cannon/Facebook