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We focus on making the maximum positive effort to empower young people and communities. Our volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data-driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

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Something put into a system or expended in its operation to achieve output or a result.

Feasibility studies, requirements elicitation and analysis, requirements specifications, requirements validations.

If you focus on the right processes, in the right way, you can design your way to success.

The information produced by a system or process from a specific input, and the OUTCOMES.

Measure and nurture the positive IMPACTS you will make in the world.

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"Thanks to Yes Education I was able to meet one of top aquaponics experts in the State of Hawaii and showcase a system on our local news channel and at the 2007 Miss Earth and Miss Earth Hawaii pageants. I was the runner up of the Miss Earth pageant and the winner of the Miss Earth Hawaii pageant. I earned a $35,000 scholarship to pay for a doctorate degree from Argosy University. My sister Kiana visited the Hawaii state mental hospital and interviewed leaders there to find out how aquaponics helps patients deal with depression."

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"I'm very grateful for the opportunity that Yes Education provided me when I attended Kahuku High and Intermediate School". I was the president of their Computer Repair Club for 3 years and was able to repair over 400 donate and deliver computers to needy students in our community. I learned valuable repair skills which later provided me with an excellent computer job at a hotel when I was only 16 years old. I am now attending college and now have a great computer job as an administrator which is funding my education."

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Our volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change.

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