I believe in being generous, give unconditionally, and seeing the abundance in life.

I believe I am student for life. I make sure I learn daily something new.

Whether by reading books, listening to podcast, attending seminars,
or engaging with inspiring people.

I believe we are all beautiful and powerful beyond measure and we just need to be reminded of who we truly are.

Who I amI grew up up feeling unloved and unworthy.

After 18 years of destroying myself with eating disorder and a constant search for someone or something that would make me feel better and give meaning to my life, I have decided to do it myself.

My journey of personal development and self-love started by finding the teachings of Louise Hay who was motivational author and self-love pioneer.

That’s when I decided instead of being a slave to my limiting beliefs and other people’s perceptions to master the art of loving my life and sharing my light.

By sharing my light I’m authentically showing up as myself, empowered to shine my own light from within, while inspiring others to do the same.