Madurai's #1 Homemade Food Delivery Service

Atchayapathra Foods, the best homemade food delivery service in Madurai. Especially, we provide the pure vegetarian food delivery that are healthy, nutrition and organic. We prepare a variety of fresh foods with the taste of our customers in mind. Atchayapathra Foods lets them delve in their passion for cooking and delivering tasty, yummy and healthy foods. Also, we deliver foods based on monthly and yearly subscription plans. We provide foods in neatly packed boxes like meals subscription, dinner box subscription and also anjarai petti subscription. Further, we deliver an exclusive catering service , provides all varieties of vegetarian food to private and corporate events.

Introduction Are you looking to add more fiber on your nutrition menu? Yes, we are here to fulfil your wants and needs with fiber rich eatables. In Atchayapathra Foods, we are providing Fiber Rich Food Delivery. Fiber which is used to regulate the whole body’s usage of sugar and monitor the hunger level. Fiber consumption […]

Healthy Foods During Pandemic – An Intro List of Healthy Foods During Pandemic: Healthy foods are a variety of foods that gives the essential nutrients that our body needs. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. As nutrition is very important for maintaining our health, good feel and energy, eating healthy foods is mandatory. In addition, a […]

Homemade Meal: Good nutrition is crucial for health, particularly this times when the immune system might require to fight back. We at Atchayapathra Foods follows the most desirable hygiene preparation of Foods. Our Chef serves the immense standards of hygiene and sanitation like clean utensils, clean wipes, clean cutlery, washed vegetables, exhaust and pest control. We […]