Wildlife Gardens at the Green Mountain Audubon Center

Check out our wildlife gardens for ideas to bring to your yard!

Vist our wildlife friendly gardens at the Green Mountain Audubon Center behind our Office Building and learn how you can attract wildlife to your yard. 

Install Birdhouses

Cavity nesting birds like Black-capped Chickadees, Tufted Titmice and wrens will nest in appropriately sized birdhouses.

Install Birdfeeders

Strategically placed birdfeeders will attract several species of birds to your yard depending on the style of feeders and types of seed you choose. Provide seeds and suet during the winter months and then switch to hummingbird feeders for the summer.

Provide a Source of Water

A well maintained bird bath or small pond will attract birds and several insect species, especially if the water is slowly running. Birds prefer shallow places to drink without getting too wet.

Plant Natives

When choosing plants, go native. Search for bird-friendly plants using Audubon's Native Plant Database. Help spread the word about native plants and start a conversation: Plants for Birds.

Flowers for Butterflies

Native wildflowers, including plants that provide food for caterpillars, will attract several species of butterflies to your yard in the warmer months.

Install a bat house

Provide roosting sites for bats to attract these nocturnal insect eaters to your yard.

Audubon's Healthy Yard Pledge: Create and maintain a healthy environment for you, your family, and local wildlife by pledging to,

  • Reduce pesticide use
  • Conserve Water
  • Protect water quality
  • Remove invasive exotic plants
  • Plant native species
  • Support wildlife on your property

For more information and resources go to the following website: Creating Bird-Friendly Communities