Herb Garden

The Sharon Audubon Center Herb Garden is used as an educational facility that features beds with plants designated for specific uses. There are beds containing medicinal plants, culinary plants, plants used for dyeing, mint beds as well as others. All the herbs are labeled and surrounded by flowers that attract birds, bees, and insects. Brochures containing fun quizzes and information about herbs are available in the Visitor Center building and at the Herb Garden.

Visitors are welcome to explore our center's gardens, trails, and view the aviaries, daily from sunrise to sunset for a small fee: $3.00 adults, $1.50 children 12 & under, $1.50 seniors 65 & older, and FREE for members of National Audubon Society and "Friends" of the Sharon Audubon Center.

The Millbrook Garden Club has maintained the herb garden since 1966, when a member of the club and owner of the property, Mrs. Clement Ford, donated the land to the National Audubon Society. The garden is at its best in August at the time of the Audubon Festival.