A Novel Message For Shorebirds

My island life just outside of Charleston, South Carolina inspires my writing life. The lush landscape teems with life in the marshes and rivers, forests and beaches. The wild is my inspiration. Sea turtles, monarch butterflies, and dolphins have sparked my stories in the past. And this time, migrating shorebirds are the backdrop of my new novel, BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT, available June 20.

I didn’t set out to tell a story about these birds. Instead, I like to think the story found me.  It started with a pelican rescue (read that story here), which opened me up to the fascinating world of shorebirds. And when I learned from Audubon that 70% of the shorebird population is in decline, I knew I had to tell this story.

Today I introduce you to guest blogger, Dr. Jessica Hardesty Norris, president of Audubon Charleston, and shares details about a shorebird stewards program that I’m committed to helping raise awareness about along South Carolina beaches and beyond. A big thanks to Jessica for this special contribution today.