We offer a variety of activities for different grade levels that relate to standards-based curriculum.

ActivityGrade RangeDescription
Birdwatching – the Six S’sK-12Students use Audubon binoculars to learn how to identify birds. Emphasis is placed on using binoculars, identifying field marks, and describing bird locations.
Can You Hear Me?K-5Students use their listening skills and must work together to learn how birds communicate in this fun game.
Sensing Beyond SightK-3Students learn to explore their sense of hearing and touch as ways for interacting with the world.
Critter, CritterK-2Students practice observational skills on the low boardwalk by finding “critters” that we’ve placed in the swamp.
Let it Rain1-6Students use a model to introduce the concept of a watershed and to learn how rain affects pollution (>15 kids per group).
Pass the Pollution1-5Students come up with ways to use land they “inherited” as a way of learning how watersheds pass along pollution.
Clouds, Swamps & Oceans2-8Students “become” a water droplet that travels through Beidler Forest to learn about the water cycle.
Oh, Deer!2-8Student act out the parts of a deer herd in this interactive game.  Data from activity is graphed to show how population size changes in response to environment.
A Swampy Food Web2-6Students select critters to represent and become a part of the swamp’s food web to learn how energy transfers from critter to critter.
Fill the Bill2-5Students learn about bird adaptations by using different “beaks” to pick up items of food.
Animal Tracks3-8Students learn how to identify animal tracks using a guide sheet and tape measure.
There's a Bird On Your Back!3-6Students learn to describe the basic markings of common swamp birds in this fun activity.
Great Migration Challenge (In Development)4-6Students play a simple game to learn what birds go through during their annual migration.
Plant ID6-12Students use a plant identification guide to learn plants along our lower boardwalk.

If you have any questions regarding the education program at Francis Beidler Forest, please direct them to Matt Johnson at (843) 462-2150 or via email.