Citizen Science

Data gathered by birdwatchers has revolutionized avian science. Photo: Nolan Schillerstrom

Audubon pioneered the idea of citizen science more than a century ago by launching the Christmas Bird Count. Today, bird lovers worldwide report tens of millions of observations each year via eBird, a data-gathering platform created by Audubon and Cornell University. This data is critical in assessing the long-term health of bird populations and guiding conservation action.

Want to help protect the birds you love while getting outdoors?

There’s no end of ways to contribute to avian science. A thousand Beidler Forest visitors recently helped us spot banded Prothonotary Warblers, which led to our current Project Protho. So if you’ve got a yen to be useful, please be in touch.  We’ll tell you what citizen science opportunities are coming up soon!