Audubon South Carolina Charleston Office 635 Rutledge Street suite 107

Charleston, SC 29403

Sharon Richardson, Executive Director
Nolan Schillerstrom, Coastal Program Coordinator
Any questions regarding coastal birds or getting involved along the coast should be directed to Nolan.
Candace Gillespie, Director of Philanthropy

Jennifer McCarthy Tyrrell, Bird-Friendly Communities Program Coordinator

Any questions regarding Sullivan's Island Environmental Education and Bird Research Program or the Sullivan's Island Banding Station should be directed to Sarah or Jenn.


Beidler Forest

The Audubon Center & Sanctuary at Francis Beidler Forest 336 Sanctuary Road Harleyville, SC 29448 Phone 843.462.2150 (for all staff)

Fax 843.462.2713

Michael Dawson, Center Director
Any questions regarding seasonal positions, sanctuary research, volunteers, special events, fundraising, or those wishing to become a Beidler Forest donor should be directed to Mike.
Barbara Thomas, Operations Manager
Any questions regarding merchandise in the Swamp Shop or wholesale suppliers should be directed to Barbara.
Shelly Knight, Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
Mark Musselman, Land Manager
Any questions regarding Beidler Forest's land management or the mitigation bank should be directed to Mark.

Matt Johnson, Education Manager
Any questions regarding Beidler Forest's educational programs, including school resources, field trips, summer camp, or general wildlife/bird related inquiries, should be addressed to Matt.

Richard Covey, Naturalist
Summer Washington, Office Coordinator

Silver Bluff

Silver Bluff Audubon Center & Sanctuary 4542 Silver Bluff Road Jackson, SC 29831 Phone 803.471.0291

Fax 803.471.3818