Camp Registration & Medical Form Scholarship Application

We have a lot of fun leading our oldest camp group. We challenge them with longer hikes and canoe trips, and plan activities and games that lead to a better understanding of our intricate ecosystems. We encourage their input and suggestions so we may choose the activities that fit each group’s interest – we want them to help design their adventures. We hope to see many of the Shrikes continue on as Junior Naturalists once they start 7th grade and start training to be EcoCamp Assistant Counselors!

Trailblazers- SOLD OUT
June 19 – 23; 9 am – 4 pm
Help us kick off our summer EcoCamp season! Be the first to blaze a trail through our forest, grassland, and wetland. All ages will join us for this summer’s first camp week. We’ll be bringing back old favorites like Capture the Flag, Zookeeper, and Camouflage and, introducing new games and challenges. Start your summer off right with a fun week at EcoCamp!

Twilight- SOLD OUT
July 6 (Rain date: July 7); 2 pm – 9 pm 
Spend a day focused on the stars. While the sun is still up, we’ll learn the stories behind our constellations. At dusk, we’ll canoe the creek while many of our land and aquatic animals are just starting to wake up and search for food. At night, we’ll lie out on the dock, watch the bats swoop overhead and hear the fish jump, as we identify our night sky.

Survivor Village- SOLD OUT
July 17 – 21; 9 am – 4 pm
Back by popular demand!  Campers will create a mask on the first day and use it to transform into their own village character. As a villager, campers will design and build a shelter in the forest and work with other villagers to solve a new challenge each day. Help us create a thriving Survivor Village!

Scientists in Training- SOLD OUT
July 31 – August 4; 9 am – 4 pm Scientists aren’t just in labs – they are worldwide explorers. Each day, we’ll learn about a different animal group and how scientists monitor their populations. Be ready to be adventurous!

*Transportation FILLED FOR THIS WEEK

*Camp Transportation
To make sure children of all kinds of backgrounds and working families have the opportunitiy to participate in EcoCamp, we offer transportation Monday – Friday morning and afternoon between Easton and EcoCamp during the Shrike week Scientists in Training (July 31 – August 4).

Transportation is offered at no cost to families thanks to generous gifts from community members.

Van space is limited. A spot can be reserved as soon as the registration and deposit is received.