Junior Naturalist Club

Become a Junior Naturalist
oin the year-round Youth Conservation Leadership Corps where members venture outdoors together to meet scientists and conservationists, participate in citizen science, and learn about our natural world. Their newfound knowledge and experiences are shared with the public through community programs and summer camp.

Who can join?
Students in grades 7-12

What do you do? Junior Naturalists stay connected to nature throughout the year. During the school year, members participate monthly through volunteer activities and citizen science projects. Family members are encouraged to share outdoor and education experiences with their students by volunteering at Pickering public programs and restoration events. During the summer, members attend an EcoCamp Training campout in preparation for volunteering during our popular summer EcoCamp.

Active members will join us on Outdoor Adventure trips, a summer sendoff campout in August, and a weekend trip as High School Seniors and Juniors. Together we will learn new outdoor activities that will turn into lifelong passions and master favorites like hiking and camping.

Why should I join? Learn what kind of conservation work is going on in your community. Meet scientists, conservationists, and educators and learn about their careers. Get a better understanding of our natural world through hands-on activities, camping, and participating in citizen science projects. Earn service-learning hours and improve your resume. Gain confidence through public teaching.

What are the program requirements?

  • Participate in at least six activities during the school year
  • Attend scheduled Citizen Science meetings at Pickering
  • Teach others at "Meet the Creatures" at the Easton Library
  • Volunteer with at least one guardian during the school year at Pickering
  • Attend the EcoCamp training (mid-June) and volunteer during two weeks of summer EcoCamp (late June to early August)

How much does the program cost?

Everything we do at Pickering Creek Audubon Center is supported by the generosity of many people, just like you, who believe in what we do. This generosity allows us to offer many programs, like the Junior Naturalist program, at no, or very low, cost.

We do this for two reasons: First, so people from all backgrounds may participate with as little barrier as possible. Second, to foster a gift economy within our community that is based on need, generosity, and shared passion.

Pickering Creek is only as strong as its community of supporters and becomes stronger with each person willing to invest in our mission. Participants in the Junior Naturalist program are receiving a gift from others, so we ask Junior Naturalist families to continue the gift-giving legacy by making a gift or by volunteering together as a family at a Pickering Creek event.

How do I join?
New students can join anytime during the school year. Contact Krysta Hougen at 410-822-4903 or khougen@audubon.org