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We guide our youngest adventurists around Pickering at their level – literally! Short hikes pause frequently to turn over logs, look under leaves, and examine a new treasure with magnifying lens in hand. We will fish, swim, pond, and explore like the older campers but everything we do is adjusted for them, with plenty of opportunities to focus our activities on new questions and discoveries that always come up with this curious age group.

These young explorers are full of energy but they can also tire quickly. You can choose the length of your camper’s day based on their schedule. All campers start at 9 am but they can stay until 2 pm or 4 pm. You must select the day length at time of registration (weekly price is adjusted). Full-day Fledglings will have a quite time after lunch so they are reenergized for the second half of the day.

Trailblazers- SOLD OUT
June 19 – 23; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm
Help us kick off our summer EcoCamp season! Be the first to blaze a trail through our forest, grassland, and wetland. All ages will join us for this summer’s first camp week. We’ll be bringing back old favorites like Capture the Flag, Zookeeper, and Camouflage and, introducing new games and challenges. Start your summer off right with a fun week at EcoCamp!

AWEmazing Animals- SOLD OUT
June 26 – 30; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm Pickering Creek is home to hundreds of animals. Animals that crawl, fly, jump, dig, climb, swim, and run. Animals covered in feathers, slime, scales, and fur. Animals that sleep during the night and others wake up with the moon. From the smallest ant to largest deer, the fastest hummingbird to the slowest turtle, we’ll be exploring them all and learning about how AWEmazing our animals are!

*Transportation available, see below

100 Acre Woods- SOLD OUT
July 10 – 14; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm Come, let’s explore our acres! From big trees to little bees Singing birds to sprinting herds

Running fast and dodging burrs

Like an eighties montage Hiding in our camouflage We’ll piece together our smarts Hands together to make village parts Decorating with nature arts We are branch shelter makers On journeys with chickadees Watching birds as nature nerds

Exploring wooded acres

ImagiNature- SOLD OUT
July 24 – 28; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm Nature is a great template for the imagination. Pickering provides the scenery and many of the characters (animals) – campers will create the stories. In between games and hikes, we’ll create a storybook and construct a mini village in our forest for our characters. We’ll let our imaginations run wild!

*Transportation available, see below

Down in the Dirt- SOLD OUT
July 31 – August 4; 9 am – 2 pm or 4 pm Have you ever taken a moment to get eye-level with an ant? There is a whole world right below our feet! We’ll dig for worms for fishing, see how high we can get a click beetle to flip, create an ant village, flip logs for salamanders and, count roly-poly’s. Come prepared to get muddy!

*Transportation FILLED FOR THIS WEEK

*Camp Transportation
To make sure children of all kinds of backgrounds and working families have the opportunitiy to participate in EcoCamp, we offer transportation Monday – Friday during the following Fledgling weeks: AWEmazing Animals (June 26 – 30), ImagiNature (July 24-28), and Down in the Dirt (July 31 – August 4). Transportation is available from Easton to EcoCamp each morning and afternoon (4 pm). If you choose to end the camp day at 2 pm instead of 4 pm, you will need to pick your camper up from Pickering Creek.

Transportation is offered at no cost to families thanks to generous gifts from community members.
Van space is limited. A spot can be reserved as soon as the registration and deposit is received.