WFDD: Climate Listening Project

This article first appeared in 88.5 WFDD.

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Have you seen or experienced the effects of climate change? What will you see in the future? Many areas are under threat of increasingly violent storms, and coastal cities face potentially devastating flooding. Here in the United States alone, we are already seeing droughts and other extreme weather events that are some of the predicted hallmarks of global warming. And, despite some extreme snow events, the average global temperature for 2015 was the highest in recorded history, according to NASA and NOAA. Add to that a powerful movement rejecting existing climate science data, progress can appear stagnant at best, and the future can seem, well… scary. Thankfully, that may not actually be the case, according to Dayna Reggero. She is the Producer of the Climate Listening Project.

According to Reggero, much of our change will sprout at the local level.

The Climate Listening Project is described as an ecosystem of individuals, businesses and organizations lending their products, services, art, and skills.

Reggero is currently following a story directly affecting many of us here in the Piedmont.