Watching for Nuthatches

Nuthatches are among 170 bird species in North Carolina whose ranges are expected to shift and shrink due to a changing climate, according to Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report released in 2014. A fun community science project is taking flight to understand how birds are reacting to climate change and how humans can prepare for these changes.

Climate Watch aims to document species’ responses to climate change by having volunteers in the field look for birds where Audubon’s climate models project range expansion and loss by the 2020s.

Climate Watch focuses on species with the strongest predictions in the climate models. Specifically in North Carolina, Climate Watch participants are asked to look for the three species of nuthatches: White-breasted Nuthatch, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and Brown-headed Nuthatch.

Join the Watch

1. Sign-up

Email your name and address to a Climate Watch coordinator near you. If your bird club or organization is interested in participating, please email

Participate in the Watch:

2. Hone your nuthatch finding skills

Make sure you can identify the three species by sight and sound.

3. Get ready for the survey times

Climate Watch will occur over two 15-day periods each year, in the winter and in the breeding season: January 15-30 and June 1-15.

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