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Instant AMP results. Zero development.

With just one line of code, Mercury AMP gets your publication ready for Google AMP. Get lightning-fast load times and boosted search results on mobile.

Installing Mercury AMP Converter
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HTML version
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What the heck is AMP?
The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open source initiative to make the mobile as fast and accessible as possible and supported by Google.
Improved SEO
When searching on mobile, AMP articles are prioritized in a Top Stories carousel above other search results.
Near-instant loading
AMP articles load faster compared to other pages, increasing engagement and decreasing bounce rates.
Designed for mobile
Articles built for AMP are optimized for smart phones and feel like native apps.
One line of code and… we have lift off.
It couldn’t be simpler. Once added to your article template, Mercury AMP extracts the meaningful components using our best-of-breed parser and creates the AMP version.
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